Why re-distribute wealth?

Imagine a viral outbreak on a spaceship like Elysium — the ultra wealthy’s ideal future space home for the world’s 1%. If 95% of that ship are white, and it’s a contagion that affects 65% of white people (not an unreasonable number), how will the remaining 35% of people run the spaceship? If 2 out of 3 engineers on said ship are dead, how will society continue?

Biological diversity is the most valuable thing we as a species possess.  No other species possesses it to our degree, and it’s our one defense against an unknown threat: be it a viral contagion, global warming, or a meteoric invasion. That’s how life survived after dinosaurs, a biologically diverse planet found a way for life to persist. A community of diverse genes is good for everyone because those who have the lucky genes can use their good health to take care of everyone else.

Previous, small scale, studies have suggested that people of mixed race are perceived as being more attractive than non-mixed-race people. Here, it is suggested that the reason for this is the genetic process of heterosis or hybrid vigor (ie cross-bred offspring have greater genetic fitness than pure-bred offspring). A random sample of 1205 black, white, and mixed-race faces was collected. These faces were then rated for their perceived attractiveness. There was a small but highly significant effect, with mixed-race faces, on average, being perceived as more attractive. This result is seen as a perceptual demonstration of heterosis in humans-a biological process that may have implications far beyond just attractiveness.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20301855

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