Mobile Populism Giveaway


When science gets too entangled with money, bad things can happen. So, we’re collecting information about each of our users to make sure everyone gets only one allocation, and nobody can corrupt our results. We’re also taking almost none of the initial supply, compared to other blockchain projects.

GET OBL Through University Verification

  • (+ 100 OBL) The simplest and most worthwhile way. Provide only your first name and last name initial, email, and educational background.We’ll verify your attendance with the university you currently attend, or your alma mater.
  • (+550 OBL (optional)) Become a University ambassador and receive an extra 550 OBL when your 500 members of your university sign up (together with SWAG if your 2,000+ sign ups).
  • Only current and former University students are eligible for this verification process.
    GET OBL Through Selfie Video Verification

  • (+500 OBL) Harder, but worth more. Record and upload a 3-5 second video of yourself.
  • (+150 OBL (optional))  List friends who you’re signing up with and earn 10 OBL for each friend who joins (max. 15 friends). Make sure you tell them about the Airdrop!
  • Everyone is eligible for this verification process (even those who have utilized the University verification process).
  • (Please note that those whose chose the University verification process may be asked to additionally submit Selfie Video verification.) 

The maximum OBL that a single person can legally earn in this airdrop is 1,300 OBL.
Hey, based on bitcoin’s highest price, this amount could one day be worth upwards of $23.4 million dollars!

 For more information on the airdrop, read the airdrop terms and privacy policy.